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13.11.2017 - 17.11.2017, Pszczyna

VDA 6.3 Qualification for Process Auditor with Certified Examination – One-week Training (in English )

Inf. ogólne


QM personnel tasked with conducting audits in their own organisation (internal) or in the supply chain (externally). Furthermore, this training also addresses external auditors (assigned as service providers).



+ Correlation with other requirements

+ Overview of the three different types of audits and explanation of the differences

+ Overview of the contents of the individual VDA 6.3 chapters

+ Introduction to the process approach for risk analysis according to the Turtle model

+ Audit process from the audit programme to the completion of the audit

+ Planning and conducting a process audit

+ Assessment scheme of a process audit

+ Code of conduct for process auditors

+ Process element 2 – project management

+ Process element 3 – planning product and process development

+ Process element 4 – realisation of product and process development

+ Process element 5 – supplier management

+ Process element 6 – process analysis production

+ Process element 7 – customer service

+ Attribution and assessment of audit findings

+ Audit report, documentation and conclusion

+ Process element 1 – potential analysis

+ Introduction to the current SI's and FAQ's



Knowledge of main quality tools and methods

Knowledge of applicable management system requirements

Knowledge of further applicable customer-specific requirements

Product and process-specific knowledge in the planned field of operation

depending on field of operation, relevant professional experience according to VDA volume 6.3

Auditor qualification based on DIN EN ISO 19011 (only for supplier auditors as external service providers or participants who additional want to sit the exam for „certified process auditor)




After passing the knowledge test you will receive a VDA certificate of qualification.



VDA Volume 6.3



1410  EURO  + VAT


The price includes:

Training materials

Dinner and coffee breaks

Comfortable lecture hall with full multimedia equipment

VDA QMC  cerificate


Payment conditions:

Payments should be made to the account:

EURO PL66 1050 1344 1000 0090 3078 2040

Team Prevent Poland Sp. z o.o.

ul.Batorego 19, 43-200 Pszczyna

With a note: date, title of a training, name of a patricipant.

Please, make payment no later than 7 days before the training.


The exact location of the training will be send by the training organiser via e-mail.

The training will take place in a comfortable lecture hall.

As part of a training dinner and coffee breaks are assured every day.


In order to get more information about our training offer, do not hesitate to contact us.


Training Department

 +48 32 73 38 219